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Dr. Cell Phone is the biggest cell phone company repair in Texas with over 10 branches in Dallas and Houston. We repair
all types of devices from the first generation iPhones and iPads to the latest Apple device models. We also cater to
Samsung Smartphones, Tablets and Phablets

Where repairs are done right.

We offer all types of repairs from fixing and replacing
cracked screens, battery replacement, touch screen repairs,
speaker issues or anything else affecting your device.


The guy at the desk was very good and cool. However I went there for laptop issue, I mentioned small problem iPhone voice quality. He repaired pretty quickly and didn't charge for quick fix. I strongly recommend this place for phone repairs.

Sanjay Kukadiya

Great and honest service! Timely, and very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend this because they replaced my battery and saved me the cost of a new phone. I will definitely come back! :)

Lauren Love

These guys were awesome! They took care of me with no problem! Safe is one of the sweetest and dear person, and he made sure from the start that we were happy with the ending results! Highly recommend Dr Cell Phone!!

Angelina Alomar

Dropped my phone as I got out of my car from work at around 5:40. Went into my apartment and Googled around a bit for a new phone and came across this place. GREAT reviews on Google. Called them at 6:20, the gentleman said that they close at 7, but if I could get there he could repaid my Iphone 6s Plus right away. I got there at 6:45 and within 30 minutes the phone was fixed. He even stayed a bit after 7 and saved me $10 when he didn't have to, what great customer service.

Brock Dominguez

Great customer service, Saif was so helpful. I thought my phone screen was cracked, but it was just the temper glass. It saved me so much money$$$. Said also fixed my Apple cd attachment to my computer and gave me a great deal. I will be a customer for lif and recommend this store !!!

Kathy Kimberlin

They are awesome and honest. I brought my iPhone 4s for repair as it was having vibrating screen at random occasion. After observing the symptoms, they advised me not to spend any money on this phone as it could be a motherboard issue. I was so much surprised as if they wanted they could have earned about 30 bucks to open the phone and tell me the same thing. They are also very time punctual in delivering the repaired item. Additionally, they will give you the exact estimate of the cost involving part and labor, so you will not have any unpleasant surprise of paying more than expected. I do recommend them for any cell phone and laptop repairs.

Parth Pandit

Nice customer service helped with my phones charging port , special thanks to Safe and Jeff funny people made my day.

Binu Thayamkery

An incredible customer service experience like never before , Jorge and Ricardo took my iPhone that was immersed in water and little hopes that it would come back , with persistence and tenacity and several techniques that they utilized the device finally came back alive , basically as if nothing happened. As a business owner that i am and no time and a lot of info in the device , I am very satisfied with the outcome and their pride in what they do , I am really impressed

Alex Pujol

I just had my iPhone 6 screen repaired. These guys were amazing here in Frisco. I own retail stores in Texas and really appreciate good customer service and these guys blew me away with kindness, professionalism, and expertise! Jeff and Matthew were awesome!!!

Craig Lewin

I recently went on vacation and a friend of mine pushed me into the pool with my iPhone still in my pocket. Almost immediately it stopped working. I could not get it to turn on nor did I back it up to my icloud. I took it to the Apple Store when I came back to see if they could fix it or at least figure out how to back up my data and they said they couldn't do anything about it. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Cell phone so I immediately took my phone there for repair. After a few days I received a phone call that they were able to bring it back to life! Dr. Cell phone was able to save my precious photos and valuable data. Truly amazing customer service! I finally learned my lesson to always back up my iPhone before vacations going forward. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Cell Phone!

Aamir Nathani

Super Fast Service! Always have what I need. A++

Craig Smith

They were great!! Jeff and Ricardo were MORE than accommodating! They got my phone done in less than 30 min and really looked out for me! I definitely recommend Dr. Cellphone!

Jackie Ton

Just had an iPad 4 repaired by Dr. Cell Phone. Took less than half a day. Fast and very friendly service. Work was done perfectly. Not sure what else I could've asked for! Great job guys!

Jim Banks

I shattered my screen back in July and lost use of my phone. I came into Dr Cellphone and they replaced the screen in about an hour. Well months later I had another issue with the screen and even though I was outside of warranty, since they were the ones to repair it, they fixed it complimentary to me. I highly recommend them!!

Tiffany Montgomery