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Through our decade long experience in the iPhone and smartphone repair industry, we have received tons of different inquiries and concerns related to iPhone, iPad and Samsung repairs. We have compiled all of these concerns in our database and made them accessible for all of our customers.

Let our knowledge base provide you with insights related to our products and services, warranty coverage, technicians, billing, and other concerns. Should you have specific concerns or inquiries, please feel free to contact us via email (repairs@drcellphone.com), through hotline 1-877-349-72-97, or through our live chat support.

Our Repair Services

  • Does Dr. Cell Phone perform repairs outside of the US?

    As of now, we’re only catering to doing iPhone and Samsung repair services within the US. However, we’re positive in expanding our services in the future.

  • What are the types of repairs Dr. Cell Phone makes?

    We do all types of repairs for iPhone units from broken screens to parts replacement. We also do battery and screen repair for iPad. And we do screen replacement for Samsung Galaxy phones. Please see our Repair Page for more information on our services and see the complete list of smartphone units we support.

  • Which devices do you repair?

    We repair all iPhone units, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy phones. Please refer to our Repair page to see complete list of smartphone units we support.

  • Which repair service is best for me?

    This would depend on what issue you are experiencing in using your device and how you want to go about pursuing a repair.

    On-Demand repair service is the number one choice for customers who are always on-the-go. We have hundreds of technicians (and growing) in the United States. Our technicians will come to you, do repairs on the spot, and provide you with the best solutions for your smartphone woes.

    For those who are nearby our branches in Texas, our Walk-in service is the best option for you. Get top quality service from our on-site Dr. Cell Phone technicians by visiting our branches in Dallas and Fort Worth.

  • How much does a repair cost?

    This would depend on the type of repair you would need for device and to what extent the damage is. On-Demand repair prices will be determined by the technician who will be servicing you on site. You may ask for a free quote through our live chat support or hotline.

On Demand Repair

  • How does the On-Demand process work?

    Our most popular repair service is our On-demand service. Dr. Cell Phone technicians are certified affiliates who do iPhone and Samsung repairs on mobile (on-the-go) in their local communities.

    You may request an On-Demand repair service from Dr. Cell Phone by visiting our homepage and login your location information. The system will let you know if we have a technician in your area and you can request a dispatch be sent out.

  • When will a Dr. Cell Phone On-Demand Technician contact me?

    A technician should be immediately be in contact with you once you’ve requested a dispatch. If in any case this doesn’t happen within 24 hours, you are free to contact us through our hotline 1-877-349-7297 or chat with us through our live chat support.

  • How do I locate my nearest Technician?

    You can find the nearest Dr. Cell Phone technician by providing your location on the homepage of our website. The system will let you know immediately if there is an available technician in your area. You may also email our team at repairs@drcellphone.com

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Our Technicians

  • Who is Dr. Cell Phone?

    Dr. Cell Phone technicians are certified, on-demand professionals in performing all types of smartphone repairs. We specialize in iOs devices and Samsung Android smartphones but we also have lengthy experience in repairing other devices such as tablets, phablets and other cell phone brands.

  • What do services do your technicians provide?

    We provide high quality smartphone repair service for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy phones. You may visit our Repair page to learn more about our services or contact us through our hotline at 1-877-349-7297 for assistance.

  • Where are your technicians located?

    We have technicians in our branches in Dallas and Fort Worth and we also have technicians to help you on-the-go through our On-Demand service. You may contact our technicians through our hotline or by logging your request through our website.

  • How do I contact my local technicians?

    You may contact us through our hotline at 1-877-349-7297. Through email at repairs@drcellphone.com. Or through our website’s homepage at www.drcellphone.com

  • How much does it cost to get a repair from Dr. Cell Phone technicians?

    It would depend on the type of service that you would want to avail. Best ask a free quote from our team through our hotline or through our live support chat.

Our Lifetime Warranty

  • How do I file warranty claim for a repair?

    If your device should malfunction after a repair and you believe it is either the parts or labor that contributed to this malfunction, then please contact us at repairs@drcellphone.com for assistance.

    Please read through the warranty to make sure your device doesn’t land outside the scope of our warranty. Situations that are not covered include: screen crack, any type of repair done on devices with frame damage, which were opened by a non Dr. Cell Phone technician, or had acquired water damage evident by the water indicator stickers located within the phone.

    Our Warranty team will respond in less than 24 hours to confirm all the information and may ask for photos to ensure no damage has occurred to the device post repair. Upon examination, if the part is found to be substandard it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. If we determine that user induced mishandling or tampering caused the issue, then we will not be able to provide a warranty repair free of charge.

  • Scope of Warranty Coverage?

    Warranty is limited to the parts and service/s that you previously availed for. If you have only availed parts from Dr. Cell Phone, our warranty will only cover replacement of these parts. If you have availed parts and repair service, we will extend our warranty to cover the labor cost of parts replacements and repairs.

    For screen repairs, we will be replacing the LCD screen or any repaired and replaced parts that malfunction or do not work as intended or designed.

  • What does your lifetime repair warranty not cover?

    Our warranty does not cover the following:

    • Liquid damage repairs

      We cannot warranty any liquid damage repairs even if we have successfully repaired your device the first time. There’s no guarantee when it comes to a device that has been damaged by liquid or how long it will last past the incident.
    • User caused damage after the repair

      We cannot cover further damage caused to a device by the customer after the repair since this is not a result of either the hardware (parts) or by our technician.
    • Improper repair by non-Dr. Cell Phone technician

      If your device shows evidence of being tampered and damaged by an additional repair or an attempted repair after being serviced by Dr. Cell Phone, the warranty is automatically void.